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Buying a Used Car in Canada

Recently, a friend asked me how to buy a used car. While there is a lot of advice on the subject, what follows is a technique that I have used successfully. This approach has two main objectives:

To not be 'taken' - to avoid grossly overpaying for a car, typically a car that is worth far less than what it appears; andTo obtain the best possible price. These two objectives are not necessarily the same. Many of the steps below are suggested to accurately value the car and avoid deception, however, they do not necessarily guarantee paying bottom dollar. As I teach my negotiation students, there are many factors, chief among them the skill of the negotiator, that determine the overall outcome of the negotiation. One of the single biggest factors, for example, is how much time there is to negotiate. With that said, many people fear being taken advantage of rather than obtaining the best possible price. These tips will go a long way to assure you that the car you are buying is worth …

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